Imitate Before you Innovate

When you are new to niche website building it’s important to learn as much as you can so as to build a high quality website which is useful for your users and becomes seen as a valuable resource.

A really good place to start is with people who already do it. You should always seek to imitate before you start to innovate! Why? Because if you don’t know what already works, the history of what works and what people are doing there is no way that you can better what is already being done. You must first learn the system and then look to better it once you fully understand how everything works.


A great place for beginners is This blog is run by a guy called Pat Flynn and he really does a good job in communicating ideas and what works in building websites to people at all levels. Not only that but he has really built a name for himself in the community so he has access to interview people who are very knowledgeable within the industry.


When you have learned everything you need to know about building a successful niche website, you can then look to further your reach in the SERPs by using other techniques. I’d recommend checking out a guy called Alex Becker over at to see what he is up to. Always interesting viewing and something to think about.

Author: David Tung

David Tung is a niche website builder enthusiast who has been helping webmasters create gain credibility within their chosen niches since the dawn of time...David is a regular writer for many sites, but mainly works on private jobs. In this blog he shares with us some of his insights into effective niche website building.

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