The Light Bulb Moment

In the context of niche site building, the light bulb moment is that time where you have been searching for a niche to create a website around and you finally find a golden one! But how do you find it? I’ll try to give you my recipe for success.


First up you need ideas, and lots of them. Look around for inspiration in the home, garden and online. Ask yourself, “what products do I buy regularly?” and maybe you’ll come up with some ideas. For example, maybe you look in the garden and see a bird table, a lawnmower and a shed.

You think about if you could sell them online, write about them, review them and ultimately provide valuable information to the reader about the product. There is no point creating a niche site if you don’t like and have no knowledge about the item you are looking to promote and sell.

What do you do when you have a bunch of ideas…


With your list of ideas go along to Google’s keyword planner and list down all the ideas you have and combinations of phrases that you think people will search for, like I have done in the image below:

Keyword Planner

List down the keywords that you want to get ideas around

Click “Get Ideas” and it will take you to a screen with a large number of keyword ideas and the search volume for each keyword, as you can see in the image below:

Keyword Results

Look through the search volumes and pick out ideal keywords

This gives you a lot of information to base your research around. You can do additional filtering on the output by only looking at phrases which have higher than a certain number of searches per month. In general, I tend to look at only those which have higher than 3,000 local searches per month. Then, I shorten this list down and do some analysis…


Once you have your keyword shortlist you need to look at what existing sites are out there on the 1st page of Google when you type the exact phrase into the search engine. Check it out and see what sites there are and then look at their Google page rank. If the competition is high bin that phrase and move onto the next one. You are looking for a phrase with high search volume and low competition.

Domain Name

Finally, after you have decided upon a keyword phrase, you want to see if you can find an exact match domain. For example, if I decided that “bird table” was the phrase I wanted to go for I would see if was available. If it was I would buy it immediately!


Now that you have your domain, you want to know how to monetize it. This takes time and effort, but here is what I do:

  1. Create a WordPress site on your domain and make it look good
  2. Add resources, reviews, information and knowledge to your site that people will be interested in
  3. Use Google adsense to get paid when people click adverts on your pages
  4. Promote your pages and articles through Facebook, YouTube, guest blogging and Google Plus
  5. Find affiliates that you can link to and get a commission if people buy the product after visiting your site. In this example of bird tables, you would want to be linking to places where people could buy bird tables

Sit Back n Relax…

Once that’s all done, keep adding value to your site and watch the dollars roll in while you sit and home making your next site….Hopefully!

Author: David Tung

David Tung is a niche website builder enthusiast who has been helping webmasters create gain credibility within their chosen niches since the dawn of time...David is a regular writer for many sites, but mainly works on private jobs. In this blog he shares with us some of his insights into effective niche website building.

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