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Niche websites are all the rage at the moment. Every Google search you do I guarantee you that there will be a niche website within the first 3 pages. Why not on the 1st page, I hear you ask. Well, because it’s difficult to get to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

In today’s post I want to look at the different kinds of niche websites that people are building and how they work. But first of all, what is a niche website?

> niche  (nich, nesh)

      i. A situation or activity specially suited to a person’s interests, abilities, or nature
      ii. A special area of demand for a product or service

So, a niche is something specialist. Perhaps it’s an interest that not many people have or an area in which becoming an expert takes many years of study and dedication to understand that topic.

Niche Websites

In today’s internet world, even the most obscure niche may be very popular if you count up the number of people across the world who are interested in that topic. That’s the beauty of the internet; it can bring together people from anywhere in the world to share, discuss and communicate their ideas and beliefs with one another.

Niche websites today are a little more than that, though. Generally speaking someone who wants to build a niche website will go looking on the internet for a topic that people are searching for yet there are not many good websites to answer their questions or provide valuable information to them. In this case, the niche website builder will create a resource for those people to use and perhaps monetize it in some way.

Affiliate Niche Websites

Affiliate niche websites are those where the author of the site does not actually have an item to sell but if referring you to the producer of a product so you can buy it from them. Usually, they will be review sites or have detailed guides to help make the buying process easier for the customer. Other times they can have video reviews and test out the products so the buyer can see what they are getting before buying it.

The affiliate (the person with the review site) will usually get a commission from the seller, should the buyer buy from them after visiting their site and clicking through on a link to the sellers site. The buyers are tracked using cookies and the seller knows where the buyer has come from because embedded in the link that the buyer clicks on is an ID to identify the affiliate to the seller.

These types of sites are low risk because the affiliate does not have to stock any products, but they do have the hard task of getting the buyer to click through on their links and eventually purchase the item that way without going to another site where the buyer may click another affiliate link and therefore the first affiliate will not get the sale.

Author: David Tung

David Tung is a niche website builder enthusiast who has been helping webmasters create gain credibility within their chosen niches since the dawn of time...David is a regular writer for many sites, but mainly works on private jobs. In this blog he shares with us some of his insights into effective niche website building.

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