Social Addicts

Hopefully you will remember that I have talked previously about special niches, imitating before you innovate and niche websites. In this post I would like to take a little time to talk about social signals that are becoming more and more relevant in today’s world.

Why Social

If you aren’t using social media you are missing out. Quite simply, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google plus are dominating the volume of internet usage today. They have millions of users and each users spends a lot of time on Facebook each day. Reports are that people spend more time on Facebook than then do with their own pets

So it looks like are are becoming addicted to Facebook, with the average user spending around 40 minutes a day checking their feed. A reported 40% of the US population are active on Facebook each day, so imagine having that kind of audience to target with advertising.

Never has it been so easy and cheap to advertise to such a large number of people from anywhere in the World

The Cure to Our Problems…?

People turn to the internet for all kinds of issues. For example, online dating starting to take-off many years ago and has only grown as we see the many benefits it has. There are lots of different sites out there. And we not only use it to meet people, we use it to try and research medical issues, such as what illness we have.

Once we have checked out what medical condition we have, it’s the internet that we turn to again for the solution to our problem…We check Facebook and Google for prevention measures to our depression and in the form of supplements such as 5-htp for mood swings and protein for building muscle.

Whatever we need, we seem to believe that the internet has the answer and in part it actually does…There are a lot of other people out there so no matter what issue you are facing there is bound to be someone else who has it and can offer advise or a cure to the problem. Even if there is no cure the very least you will find other people who are willing to talk and discuss the issue so that you feel a lot better about it and will not be alone.

So, what that being said maybe you can start a niche site that helps people or helps people answer weird and wonderful questions. It might only be a small percentage of people who actually ask that question but a small percentage of a large number is a large number of visitors.

Author: David Tung

David Tung is a niche website builder enthusiast who has been helping webmasters create gain credibility within their chosen niches since the dawn of time...David is a regular writer for many sites, but mainly works on private jobs. In this blog he shares with us some of his insights into effective niche website building.

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